Adapted from a PC Utility software company, our management team has experience in cryptocurrency investments and have generated excellent returns since making their initial investments. They know how to analyze projects, ICOs, companies, and have assisted in numerous product and service launches. Being cryptocurrency enthusiasts is a strong asset. We have worked together since 2013 to build our parent company; SafeBytes Software, and the core management team is now leveraging their skills at Zenchain. Each Founder has launched successful business ventures before and has directly transferable competencies. Being serial entrepreneurs in different markets of the IT industry allows us to quickly understand these new markets and accept new challenges with determination and resilience.

Zenchain aims to develop sophisticated and user friendly blockchain applications and platforms to help bring the myriad benefits of decentralized ledger and smart contract technologies to real world users. We strive to make these technologies attainable for regular use and mass adoption to advance cryptocurrency as a whole. Through in house development and strategic partnership, we aim to bring mass adoption to build real value rather than pure speculation.


At Zenchain, our goal is to become one of the world’s first fully registered and regulatory compliant security tokens which also provides full utility on a number of dApps and platforms. Based in Canada, we fully embrace the sandbox regulatory environment. While many blockchain entities are built off speculation, anonymity, and single product offerings claiming to be a utility, Zenchain intends to provide full security benefits to its investors and build multiple platforms across differing niches tied together by a singular team and token.

Seth Hornby
CEO & Co-Founder

Online marketing expert and technical product creator with a specialty in adapting complex digital projects into easy to use end user applications. Primary user experience architect and product development manager for DriverAssist – an automated Windows drivers updater, and OneClickRoot (previously RescueRoot) – a remote Android device rooting utility; both generating millions of downloads and active users. Seth has over 12 years of online marketing experience both as an entrepreneur and while working for large and well-respected entities such as RevenueWire, BC Ministry of Sport and AbeBooks: An Amazon Company.

Nikola Davidovic
CTO & Lead Platform Developer

Nikola is a PhD candidate (Expected completion: Q4 2018) and has worked with the Founders on various projects since 2013. He has been integral in the development of several software titles during his tenure as Senior Software Developer with SafeBytes. Nikola also serves as a Research and Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Electronic Engineering at the University of Nis, Serbia. He currently teaches Introduction to Computer Science, Data Structures, Algorithms and Programming, Operating Systems and Mobile Systems, and has previously taught courses in Softcomputing and Development of System Software and System Programming. Nikola is instrumental in the Atlas project and has been involved in its development since day one.

Alex Mekh
Developer / QA

A proven expert in various industries such as IT, industrial and consumer electronic maintenance, business administration and management, service industry. As a QA Automation Engineer at SafeBytes Software Inc., designed and developed fully automated monitoring system of the back-end applications, implemented new test strategies that increased the accuracy and decreased the proportion of the manual testing up to 50%, thereby saving company time and money. Using cutting-edge technologies, tools, and processes, constantly improve the quality assurance and development skills.

Goran Mirkov
Marketing and Development Assistant

Goran is a self-driven, highly motivated freelance web designer and management assistant who recently got engaged in the cryptocurrency scene. Before starting his career in Zenchain he was a founder of several open source community projects that generated hundreds of thousands  of views and downloads. Not afraid to tackle and solve any problem, with 8 years of experience in web development and over 5 years of experience in marketing and community management.

Viacheslav Vozniuk

Viacheslav is the latest member of the Zenchain team and has already proven to be an invaluable asset to the team as a JS / Backend developer. Viacheslav is a self thought highly motivated and positive person that will always give his best in order to solve any issues that come his way.

Nikola Tošić

Nikola joined the team at the beginning of 2018 and has proven his skill set many times over in the past months. Currently a last year Graduate in the Faculty of Electronic Engineering (Expected graduation Q1 2019), Nikola has proven to be a valuable team member and a team player that has always given the best to solve every problem that came his way.

Andrija Pešić

Andrija is a last year graduate in the Faculty of Electronic Engineering (Expected graduation Q1 2019). As one of the top students in his class, Andrija has shown great initiative and the will to constantly better himself by acquiring new knowledge and upgrading his current skill set. Joined the team in early 2018 Andrija has proven to be a irreplaceable member of the Zenchain team.

Office Dog

The most popular member of the Zenchain team. Jasper brings a smile to the team and office visitors… and he’s willing to work for food.

Our core values

Zenchain strives to provide real value beyond fancy whitepapers and presentations. We value substance above style and want to demonstrate our abilities rather than merely talking about them. It is for this reason we intend to launch our first dApp prior to even our earliest fundraising efforts. We are a small close team that values loyalty and an integrated, collaborative working style.