Announcing the Official Name of Our P2P Lending DApp

After almost two months of development under the codename ‘Atlas’, our peer to peer decentralized lending application on the Ethereum network finally has a name of its own: LendCoin.

The proof of concept platform is still live at its current address of, and can be tested by anyone on the Rinkeby Ethereum test network, it will be moving over to in the coming weeks. With a new name comes a new design and we expect to do a logo reveal for LendCoin soon.

Behind the scenes the platform is undergoing extensive improvements. We now have our initial price pegging completed, allowing you to set the repayment value of ETH to the settlement time market price of any support fiat or cryptocurrency. Collateral liquidation is now also possible, with top up alerts for lenders soon to be added. We expect to begin extensive smart contract auditing and general testing shortly, keeping on schedule for our planned mainnet release in late Q2 or early Q3 2018. An official launch date for LendCoin will be given closer to the time when we know exactly when it will be going live.

For further updates please follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Stay tuned for exciting further updates on this and a number of other great DApps that Zenchain is building.