Lendcoin.com P2P Lending and Futures dApp

LendCoin.com is a decentralized, blockchain based peer-to-peer lending futures trading platform that leverages smart contracts – empowering users to gain liquidity and speculate on cryptocurrency futures in a trustless fashion

LendCoin is live on the Ethereum mainnet, and while still in alpha stage, is fully functional. For further information, updates, and potential partnership information please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Proof of Concept Video Demonstration


Lendcoin provides investors with the tools needed to raise funds via collateralized peer-to-peer lending. This mechanism is particularly beneficial in the current cryptocurrency landscape, as investors no longer need to fall subject to overburdened exchanges and wait weeks for fiat wire transfers to settle in their chosen cryptocurrency. Instead, investors can pledge collateral against a loan that is funded by a lender to take timely advantage of the immediate opportunities in front of them.


Lendcoin provides lenders the opportunity to loan cryptocurrency to borrowers and earn interest income as part of the smart contract’s terms. The funds loaned to the borrower are secured by the borrower’s own collateral and the lender can choose from a variety of pending loan requests to only fund those that best align with their risk tolerance and interest income goals


Lendcoin requires loan collateral to be contract to be pegged to the price of any crypto/fiat currency supported and enables sophisticated and non-sophisticated users to short any of the 1500+ cryptocurrencies trading today. This platform provides everyday investors the opportunity to short the coin of their choice without needing to use fiat currency as collateral


This use case is one used heavily in the traditional financial and investment markets. When an investor has had a large unrealized profit or loss on any investment, they often wish to create an opposing futures position to reduce their overall risk and given themselves some stability.