Launch of Telegram Anti-Phishing Bot

Zenchain is pleased to announce the launch of its’ first publicly available product, an anti-phishing admin bot for the popular chat application Telegram. A simple admin bot which protects cryptocurrency and ICO channels from admin impersonation phishing, this utility was developed following news of a number of high profile incidents involving Telegram users being defrauded by malicious users tricking them into sending cryptocurrencies to their own addresses by pretending to be legitimate group admins. Recognizing a significant need in the market, Zenchain has developed this tool and is distributing it completely free of charge for the benefit of the cryptocurrency community as a whole.

Our hope is that this utility will be able to reduce the incidence of fraud in Telegram chatrooms, building trust and strengthening the entire community. For this reason, Zenchain will not be charging for usage of the bot and allowing it to be modified and re-purposed under the MIT commons license. Further details on the bot’s functions and source code are available on its dedicated product page here.

The anti-phishing bot will be updated with additional features in the coming months, along with an exciting array of additional products from Zenchain.